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My Story


I want to share this beautiful multi-purpose, gift giving to me from "God" created for both women and men, and it's many benefits with the world. As I began investigating, seeking, testing, and making up my home remedies, using wholesome natural ingredients as they came to me. I discovered that this blend of essential oils, rich in nutrient not only promotes faster hair growth. But, it is also a great treatment for clearing up dandruff, and other scalp conditions. It is also good for the skin. This oil is full of Omega 6 fatty acids, which penetrates the skin, clearing up acne, age spots and wrinkles, as it softens and hydrates the skin. Promoting, production of the collagen, which makes the skin look youthful. It also, works good on cracked heals, ring worm, brittle nails, arthritis, stretch marks, and sun burn. This oil has many great benefits.

Curly Blonde Model
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